The Meteors Leave PLY Records!

It was a great shock and in fact a disappointment to us the Band when we discovered that the label People Like You was to be sold to Sony records. It has always been our way to be independent in all we do. This as been our strength and has given us the power to be true to our audience. We have our own studios, our own merchandise and now we have decided it’s once again time to choose to be with our own label. Therefore we have left (of our own accord) People Like You Records, who in our minds are now just a part of a faceless corporation, and moved full time on to our own independent label Mutant Rock Records along with our trusted colleague Tobbe Falarz who was also our ex PLY label manager ….the first official Meteors release will be the ltd edition single PSYCHO (wrecked for ever) release info to follow ……… As is our way, we refuse to work for anyone but The Meteors and the WWWC. OTMAPP and FTW