Lyric Book

Digging through my massive archive picking out my lyric books so we can use some of the actual hand written originals in the upcoming lyric book “F Words” not just reprinted ones.

A page from my original songbook for the in heaven album photo (c)copyright Fenech all Rights Reserved ….please use (c) notice if sharing…Thanx

WWWC Fanart Wanted

We are still working hard on the lyric book. But we have decided to hold a bit of a contest, please send us your hand drawn Meteors fan art and hand written lyrics to and we will pick a few to add to the book! Please make sure to give us your name and where you are from. AND PLEASE MAKE SURE THE LYRICS ARE CORRECT! (perhaps copy them from a record sleeve) We are not looking for perfection, but dedication.. We look forward to seeing what you come up with! For the WWWC, by the WWWC