Happy Halloween Package


Yesterday we’ve finally received P Paul Fenech 666 Official’s „Happy Halloween V“ Digipak CDs and colored vinyl records from our pressing plant. Galaxy effect comes with 180g heavy vinyl!

We’ve already packed and shipped most of your orders but please note that there’s a delay on the black vinyl copies. At the moment all pressing plants have extremely long production times – but current info from our pressing plant is that we should receive the black vinyl LPs by the end of this week. So all orders including black vinyl LPs should be shipped very soon, too! We’re very sorry for the delay!

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Happy Halloween V


So here  the 5th anniversary of our happy Halloween series! P Paul Fenech 666 is back with a new spooky release on Mutant ROCK Records.

This epic collection includes all the previous a and b sides of ALL 4 sold out Halloween EPs as well as 2 new scary tracks.

For the 5th anniversary of this series we have decided to present them all as an LP, as many people missed the EPs as they sold out very quick in the past.

We wish you a very happy Halloween!

Headquarter News

A massive hello to all the WWWC around the world. Here’s a sitrep/update just to let you know were all thinking about you. As you can see if your watching our posts on Facebook, we are at full power as usual and gigs worldwide are blasting in. The much awaited (by us and you) Mexico tour is this month followed by some USA dates (posted) and the excellent family meeting at the Secret Place in Montpellier OTMAPP #3 In November.

In spring next year there will be the UK/ European tour. In between these posted dates more will pop up so keep checking in. Recording wise there’s the PPF Happy Halloween 5 imanant, the brand new Meteors studio album is well into production in time for the UK/European tour, also the PPF project ‘Motel Hell’ and the new The Legendary Raw Deal mini album. As usual we will be interacting as much as possible on Facebook and instagram etc. Can’t wait to see ya all on the road somewhere.


Brand New Pre-orders


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This is the brand new and third „Happy Halloween“ single by The Meteors‘ dark lord, “Fendermaster” and Psychobilly founder P Paul Fenech 666 Official. He returns with new material for the biggest and darkest event of the year, the festival of Samhain!
The single, which has become a celebrated and highly anticipated tradition in the Rock ‘n‘ Roll world, includes the two tracks: „Halloween Stomp (Graveyard Stomp)“ and „Surf Monster“.
The strictly limited 7” version comes with clear orange/black marbled vinyl, a numbered certification card and MP3 download card. Limited to 500 copies only! So be fast and catch your copy of „Happy Halloween III“ to celebrate this event like it should be… Happy Halloween!… Boo!
Also, The Meteors‘ classic “World Wide Wrecking Crew” merchandise is available for pre-order now! Get your T-Shirt, Girly, Hoodie or embroidered Patch!!!