The Surfin’ Dead

News from P. Paul Fenech straigt from the studio: In the lab at El Rancho Loco….finaly started tracking with the “Surfin’ Dead” on the new album it’s going to be mental. Proud and exited to say the new solo  “the F files” is finally complete and sounding fantastic. Release date and other info very soon …..


Studio Update – “The F Files”

Four great drum tracks down with Tiago for “the F files” and finaly before he fux off for a while a great “Happy Halloween” version of “Graveyard Stomp” for the next Halloween single. Good laugh good music and a few weird memory’s.

Mazz popped in to the lab to give me and Tiago a free basstrack on the instro “Bad Universe”. Having a lot of fun recording “The F Files”. Monday my old mate and former colleague Lee Browns in to bass on a couple as well, sweet. Photo (c)opyright Fenech all rights reserved. Please use (c) if sharing thank you! 

Photo (C)opyright Fenech – All Rights Reserved

Studio News

At El Rancho Loco Rock ‘n’ Roll Studio….

FUCK yes, just finished the final mix for the new Meteors album, “the power of 3”. All production done and ready for release! Aiming for the end of june.
OTMAPP and  FTW! Another nail in the coffin of fashion Billy’s circus freaks everywhere. WWWC rule!!

Smell of Kat, great few days rockin’ at El Rancho Loco Studio. 3 great songs, well done see you soon.

In the lab at El Rancho Loco, tracking for the new P. Paul Fenech solo “the F files” (the bastards out there) 2 trax down 12 to go who knows who will come or where we we will go before this album is done …..solo work is always an adventure. today I work with the drums of my good friend Tiago