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On Friday we won our court battle against the pressing plant who were in charge of pressing the 10″ Surfin’ Dead album sold in PRESALE. Along with several other labels we were forced to sue for the return of our master. We have put it in the hands of a much more reputable company, and it is now in production! We anticipate delivery of the 10″ very soon and dispatch will follow immediately it arrives. We will give a date as soon as possible and further info regarding this will follow. Thanks once again to all of you for your patients any future presales i.e. the 12″ coloured vinyl with 2 extra tracks will be accompanied with a firm release date.

Lyric Book

Digging through my massive archive picking out my lyric books so we can use some of the actual hand written originals in the upcoming lyric book “F Words” not just reprinted ones.

A page from my original songbook for the in heaven album photo (c)copyright Fenech all Rights Reserved ….please use (c) notice if sharing…Thanx

Dead Surfin’ Records Company

To everyone who has pre-ordered the Surfin Dead record, I am afraid we’ve had nothing but problems and evasion from the pressing plant we are using ,we have never used them before and after this we will never use them again. We will also be taking legal action against them ….they originally promised to deliver on February 1st then after many phone calls they had moved it to this April, at the moment they are not returning our calls. Please feel confident all presale orders are safe and logged with all names and postal information here with us and will be sent out immediately when we receive the finished product from the pressing plant involved. We can’t thank everyone enough for your patience while we get all of this sorted out.
The album is mastered and in their hands, but we are now searching for alternatives to remedy this ongoing problem. We will keep all informed.

-Dead Surfin Records

News From Dead Surfin’ Record Company

Attention all those who purchased the “Pre-sale” of the ltd edition 10″ “Deadarama” (due for release in February 2018) we have today been informed by the pressing plant that there will be a slight delay in all production run due too the delay in supply from their vinyl suppliers. This is affecting many record companies not just us and is beyond our control. We apologise to all and have been promised a date no later than April and will be on their backs every day until they arrive here… thank you in advance for your patience and once again sorry for this delay….. info to follow ASAP

Official announcement!

Official announcement
Having been rushed into emergency ICU on Thursday last week, and suffering from heart failure brought on due to a lung infection, Paul is now recovering in hospital but has been expressly forbidden by his specialist from doing any live performances ,touring etc for the next six months … anybody who knows Paul knows this is something he doesn’t want to do, but at this time it is necessary to enable him to get back to 100% health.
So it’s with regret and disappointment that all gigs from now until April next year will be rescheduled.. there is no doubt that Paul and the rest of the band will be back to do them in full force as usual.
This is the plain fact, straight from the source. Don’t listen to rumors.