Interview Tätowiermagazin

Interview 00/01/2008 With kind permissionof Michael Brandstädter.

M.B.: Where did you grow up?

P.P.F.: I grew up in South London ,although I was born on the island of Malta I came over to England when I was 6 months old my mother was English and my dad was Maltese

M.B.: How was your first contact to Rockin’ music and the Rockabilly scene?

P.P.F.: Very early memories ,as young as 4 years old hearing my dads J. Cash (he was a big fan) and Gene Vincent my dad was a Teddy Boy in 50’s London as I grew up I realised that Rock ‘n’ Roll was the road for me. I remember being a Teddy Boy and fighting with the first Punks in the Kings Road in Chelsea, I can remember when nobody knew the word Rockabilly in the UK and the first thing we could get was the CBS  Rockabilly album,  and then the whole thing caught fire. It is a passion that will never leave me.

M.B.: You got your first tattoo by the age of 12 done by Barry Louvaine

P.P.F.: This is true, a confederate flag and the words hillbilly rocker. I still won’t cover it ,it means as much today as when I did it.

M.B.: How was the procedure, cause it might not been a legal tattoo shop?

P.P.F.: Hey in those days there was not the big fashion for tattoos it was the only place I or any of my friends knew so we all went there to Tooting Bec in south London

M.B.: Does he tattoo today?

P.P.F.: I don’t really know he was quite old then so this is anybody’s guess.

M.B.: Who tattooed you over the years (Lal Hardy)?

P.P.F.: Sure Lal is a big friend of mine he would come to gigs I have many by him also Theo in France and also he has a shop in Rosas Spain, Tintin in Paris some great stuff by my good friend Thorsten at Warlord in Duisburg. He is also of the same mental attitude as the Meteors I love to go there ,I have some old style Japanese done manually without a gun from Tokyo Hardcore and a self made one which I did whilst in Borstal (youth prison )its not so pretty but its got good memories.

M.B.: What are your favorite motives?

P.P.F.: Of course death skulls etc and because of my religion ,satanic symbolism and of course my Kattle gang tattoos mean the world to me.

M.B.: Is there a connection between Psychobilly and Tattoo for you, do you see the influence in the motives?

P.P.F.: Not for me many just have it for the fashion they will have to live with that. For me they mean much much more.

M.B.: Are you proud when you see people with Meteors Tattoos or Fenech/Ven-Nik Portraits?

P.P.F.: Of  course I have seen thousands over the years and I never get bored with it

M.B.: Did you recognise a change in acceptance of tattoos. E.g. in former times you could be alone in a bar and nobody would fuck with you-today too many people ask if it hurts and what you will do when you don´t like it any more?

P.P.F.: To be honest I don’t give a fuck about it one way or the other never did never ever will. I don’t talk to sheep or humans much anyway.

M.B.: Is the Project “Legendary Raw Deal” a tribute to old times and music or more a transportation of Rockabilly in the present or just your fun playing Rockabilly?

P.P.F.: Its just a way to show the Dinosaurs that just because I choose to play Psychobilly ,and love my choice, doesn’t mean I cant play anything else. There is Billy in Psychobilly not just this cabaret thrash punk with a double bass that some others try to pass of as Psychobilly.

M.B.: Did you ever think you´d run something like it is today when you created Psychobilly?

P.P.F.: Sure I’m on a mission from my god.  I always knew.

M.B.: How do you see the comercialisation of rockin’ music and the fashionbillies . E.g. in the 90ies the audience had to create their own “subcultural uniform” and buy t-shirts and patches on gigs, today you can buy a death skull Psychobilly t-shirt in many shops and even in mainstream fashion Rockabilly and Hot Rod wear is trendy?

Or is it a typical popcultural thing like the sold out of punk?

Or even a new chance :the new subculture is an enemy of the old subculture but can´t exist without the old roots?

P.P.F.: Sorry , I don’t really care about what’s fashion or not. I’m  a Psychobilly not a Mannequin.

M.B.: You are a big horror movie fan and also wrote film music under a pseudonym . Would you like to write a soundtrack for a movie in the future under your real name?

What should be in this movie?

P.P.F.: I have under various pseudonyms written about 40 film scores mostly horror some quite famous ones and some low budget. It depends how the appeal to me when I am approached.  Done a lot of TV and advertisement stuff.

At the moment I am not to interested in using my name for these. It would have to be something extremely interesting and out of control for this.

M.B.: You created a complete universe with Ven-Nik, Zorch and the children of the bell. How did you get these ideas? Is there “real life biography” in these stories?

P.P.F.: Little bits and pieces ha ha

M.B.: Are you planning another surf album like “Powertwang” in the future?

P.P.F.: Could be one day but at the moment I am much to in love with the Meteors.

M.B.: What is a good Tattoo for you?

P.P.F.: This is a fuckin clever question but I would have to say the one that you really want for yourself and good or bad who cares as long as it means something to you!

M.B.: Do you have Tattoo plans for the future?

P.P.F.: My next will be by Thorsten at Warlord and I will have the word INSELAFFE across my lower back underneath the holy and sacred cross of Saint George

M.B.: Are there any artists you want to get tattooed by?

P.P.F.: No. I am happy with the ones I know .

M.B.: You are working on a book with road stories “Maniac rockers From hell the Meteors the nastiest band in the world”. Will there be anything about Tattoos or how you got them?

P.P.F.: For sure and so much more at the moment it is being checked by the lawyers as its true to life and we done some errrrrrrrrr mental things. Don’t wanna go back to jail.

M.B.: What do you do to relax because Psychobilly lifestyle is full of action?

P.P.F.: Relaxing gives you cancer ha ha ha .

M.B.: How do you  relax when you get tattooed for hours?

P.P.F.: I do what we all do! Ha ha scream inside pray for it to be over and pretend that it doesn’t hurt like hell ……or is that only me !

M.B.: How do you deal with the pain?

P.P.F.: I save it up and give it back to the fuckin world in my songs !!

M.B.: Mr. Fenech, thank you very much for spending your time letting me do this interview. It means a lot to me!!

P.P.F.: Absolutely no problem! My pleasure. Thanx for the intelligent and interesting questions.

All real interviews are important to me as well!

FTW see you in the chair!

(This interview was released in the German Tätowiermagazin in 2008, copyright by  Michael  Brandstädter)