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Interview 29/05/2009 With kind permission of T. Krieger

Iceman: “Hi Paul, nice to meet you, at first Gratulations for the new Record “Hell Train Rollin´” – I think this contains the “usual” trademarks of THE METEORS, power and energy, what can we expect this evening?”

Paul Fenech: “We will do songs from all stages of THE METEORS, from the first album rightup to the new one!”

Iceman: “Allright, how long do you gonna play tonight? Two hours?”

Paul Fenech: “Nearly, two hours, it depends how fast we play!” (laughs)

Iceman: “I see there a lot of tattoos, what was your first one and what is the meaning of it?”

Paul Fenech: “This one I did, when I was about 15 years old (Hillbilly Rockers), it wasn´t very good tattoed, but I keep it as a memory!My latest one was that one (Mexico) and here is a funny one in german (Inselaffe)!

Iceman: “A Fan wants to know – is it correct that you want to do a “Patent” for the word “Psychobilly”?”

Paul Fenech: “It is patented! I have the copyright, but I dont use it, I copyrighted it 25 years ago, I think that THE METEORS are the only Psychobilly Band!”

Iceman: “You are the “Godfather” of this genre!?”

Paul Fenech: “No, I dont mean it like that, not me personaly, even all the members that came before made the Psychobilly, I´m still here, after 25 years, I get the most glory for the work, but the band is the thing, you know? It´s not me! But this band is the best I´ve ever worked with, we chanced the sound a little bit harder!”

Iceman: “You are on the road since 25, 30 years, hard-working, hard-rocking, hard-drinking band…

Paul Fenech: “I dont drink! But “hard” – everything else!” (laughs)

Iceman: “What do you think about this modern popmusic genre, castingshows and stuff like that?”

Paul Fenech: “I dont really like popmusic, I think Rock N Roll is the exact oposite of pop, that´s what it is supposed to be! I dont mean just Psychobilly Bands, I mean hard bands, guitarbands! I like a lot of differend kind of music, but is has got to be Rock N Roll! I like Motörhead, they are good friends of mine, I like The Ramones, Creedence Clearwater Revival and all this kind of music. I have my own studio, I have to listen to a lot of stuff to educate my mind, but I really only like hard rocking stuff! I dont like Jazz or Pop or fuckin´Disco! I cant live with that!
In my opinion Rock N Roll is here to fight soft music! Rock N Roll should be a Pop Killer!!”

Iceman: “In the internet somebody posted “Paul Fenech kicks the members out of his band, just he likes to do it!” What do you think about this?”

Paul Fenech: “The people talk a lot of shit!” (laughs)

Iceman: “Thats why I ask you for! One more lie in the internet?”

Paul Fenech: “Yes, because this is not the way it works! I have been working with him since 25 years! Ok, it is difficult to work with me, I understand that, because I like to say the truth! If you ask me a questions, I´ll give you a straight answer!”

Iceman: “That´s the way it should be!”

Paul Fenech: “In Music-Business it´s not the usual way…everybody…”

Iceman: “Tries to tell you “You are the best, the greatest blabla!?”

Paul Fenech: “Yeah, that´s the way! THE METEORS are three people, has always been three people, unfortunaly, we had some good other members, but a couple of them been assholes!
The forget how to talk to me! You know, I´m nothing without the audience, my bandmates came from the audience, and if I´m going to be an asshole, my friends will stop me!
I never said something like that,”If I dont like somebody – I´ll do my best to run over them with a car!” (laughs), normally, if the dont fit into the band, they dissapear!
I just think its like in a gang or in a club, it´s not how tough or crazy you are, it´s about beeing a brother, how much you can be part of something!”

Iceman: “Ok, when we are talking about the Internet…”

Paul Fenech: “I read so much shit in the net! You know, I´ve done a lot of things, I said a lot of things, but not as much they pretend in the net!”

Iceman: “For example: A girl outside told me something and I want to know if this is true! She told me that YOU “gave the order, that a Psychobilly Girl should NOT colour her hair!!???”

Paul Fenech: “WHAT??” (laughs) I dont give fuck! I got no hair!! My agenda has always been: It doesnt matter what you look like, long hair, short hair, if you like us, thats what we are playing for!

Iceman: “I asked her if that is a REAL Questions and she said “Yeah I want to know why he made this rule!”

Paul Fenech: “I don´t make rules!! (laughs) I can´t make a rule for you, or anybody! If you are nice to me, I´m nice to you! I´m not going to tell anybody what to read, what to write! All I say is that I hope that you enjoy music, if you don´t, so I can´t help you!”

Iceman: “I read in the net that Mark David Chapman, the Killer of John Lennon, is your “Hero”? Is that true?”

Paul Fenech: “Not a “Hero”, you know? I don´t like The Beatles, because I always loved The Rolling Stones, for me it is was divided, The Beatles made Pop and The Rolling Stones made Rock! Thats what for me divided Pop and Rock! And James Brown made fucking Disco!! (laughs)
Chapman is not a hero, he would have been a hero if he had shot all four of the bastards! 😉
I don´t have a hero!”

Iceman: “But what do you think in the modern days, when musicians like Dimebag Darrel (R.I.P.) gets shot on stage?”

Paul Fenech: “I have been stabbed twice, people always treatend to kill me!”

Iceman: “Really? Why?”

Paul Fenech: “I don´t know, people are fucked in the head, I guess!”

Iceman: “I don´t like your music, so I´m gonna stab you????”

Paul Fenech: “Yeah, or they think we play “Horror-Musik”, so they have to prove how “Horror” they are…but back to the internet – I mean the Internet is a brillant, excellent thing for the world, but it can be so bad, I put my name into “Google” and there are a million of fucking pages! I mean, I´m not Elvis, I just play a fucking guitar, I would never dream about telling a woman what to do with her hair! As long as MY girlfriend looks good to me, everything is ok! Hair is not a part of my life (laughs) Politics are also not a part of my life, I have my own politics, but it´s not my job to teach people, so I don´t sing about it, I don´t talk about it!”

Iceman: “Fans outside, from the audience told me “Oh, when you talk to Mr. Paul Fenech, you´ll get a real problem, because Paul Fenech is not friendly to journalists!”

Paul Fenech: “You ask me in the right way, why should I be not friendly? I got a problem when journalists are arrogant, or call me an asshole, than I have a problem!!”

Iceman: “People told me, that you are always arrogant, don´t answer in sentences, just answer “Yes” or “No”, but now we are sitting here, drink some beer, we smoke a lot of cigarettes and everything is easy!”

Paul Fenech: “Because they don´t know me! You come here, to interview us, wich is really good for my band, then I answer your questions, but I cant talk to everybody, you know?
When I move to my car and somebody, a fan or whatever asks my something “by the way”, so I just say “Yes” or “No”! I´m just a normal man! A lot of people mistake confidence for arrogance”

Iceman: “I think this is the “bad” side of the internet, because anybody can upload anything?!”

Paul Fenech: “Yeah! And than it becomes a kind of “fact”!”

Iceman: “For example – when I look at YouTube, to watch some videoclips from THE METEORS, it is a fine thing to get an impression about bands, but when I look at the comments….I mean, each 5th user pretends to “Know” you!” “I “Know” that Paul Fenech said this, I “know” Paul Fenech´s point of view about that…blabla”! Isn´t it some kind of risky for a band? Rumours are very quick!”

Paul Fenech: “Yes!! Its is not very good, I meet a lot of people, but I can count my friends at one hand! You know, when the people come to see us an stage, spend their money, they worked hard for, so I´ll try to them give my best!
If they can catch me and they wanna talk to me, as long as they ask me the right questions, they will always get the right answer, but if they want to show me how crazy or “Psycho” they are, how drunk they are, then they will get “the other half” of me!You know?
Imagine a complete stranger will come to your dinner-table and start talking to you!
The people cross the streets to talk to me, and so they get a reaction, this is a normaly way, isn´t it?
Ok, I´m maybe a little fucked up in the head, but not 24 hours a day! Sometimes I go shopping, sometimes I´m out with my dog, sometimes I wanna stay with my girl-friend, it depands where you catch me, what reaction you´ll get, like everybody else!!”

Iceman: “Ok, but the people in the net…you know…”Yeah” I meet him, and he was so arrogant!”

Paul Fenech: “Yeah, maybe at 4 o´Clock in the morning and I don´t want to talk to anybody?” (laughs)
Or sometimes – its weird when people ask for an autograph, because I don´t feel that I´m anything special! It´s really hard to explain, I just go to work, like everybody else!”

Iceman: “In Germany we have a guy, his name is right out my mind at the moment, but it doesn´t really matter – so, this guy calles himself a “Star-Hunter”, whereever a famous musician, Movie Star, whatever arrives somewhere, he is there and trys to catch a picture with the Star, even at 2 O Clock in the morning! Isn´t is insane? To try to “Catch a little bit of the Starshine?, for me it makes no sense!!??”

Paul Fenech: “This is totaly fucked up! It´s different to like somebody or to chase him! Totaly crazy!
I live in Germany and to be honest, I think the most German People are very polite! That´s why i moved to Duisburg, I can be myself, the got good maners here, mostly! And Germany has good beer!”

Iceman: “German Beer!! Nothing more to say!” 😉

Paul Fenech: “By the way – the fridge is full of beer, feel free! One more beer won´t kill you!” 🙂

Iceman: “What about you, A beer too?”

Paul Fenech: “No, I don´t drink alcohol, I use to drink a lot of coffee!”

Iceman: “Ok, what do you think about all these “hard-drinking, livin´on the road” Storys that some bands never get tired of telling?”

Paul Fenech: “Well, I lived that, apart from the drinks, I lived hard!”

Iceman: “We talked about MOTÖRHEAD, Lemmy without drugs – he would die!”

Paul Fenech: “Me too! Wait a minute, lets get a cigarette!”

Torsten´s lighter was running out of duty, so Paul Fenech throw his Zippo across the table….

Torsten” Cool old Zippo, Paul!”

Paul Fenech: “Yeah! A Zippo, a knife and a Stratocaster, that´s all a man needs!”

Iceman: “Yes, but they took away my knife at the entry, I forgot to leave it at home!”

Paul Fenech: “Really? But they will give it back to you, hm? If there is a problem, getting your knife back, tell me, I´m gonna care for that!”

Iceman: “Thank you! So, back to business! I read in Lemmy´s Biographie that he wanted to chance his blood….

Paul Fenech: “I guess, when they look at his veins, there is only powder in it!” (laughs)

Iceman: “And the doctor told him “If we would give you fresh blood, without alcohol, without drugs you will die! And if we give your blood to somebody else, this man will die!!”

Paul Fenech: “The next ten men!” (laughs) I met Lemmy a lot of times, he has been to gigs, he also came to my studio in London to do some work and I think he can never die!! Or maybe he is dead and he just can´t stop movin´!(laughs)
Because I don´t drink, doesn´t mean I´m anti-drink! For some reason I never started, I moved from school to the Army and then to the band! I´m not pissed when somebody gets a drink, but for me it´s too late to start with!
I can´t get the taste for it anymore, I like Tequilla, don´t like the taste of it, but I like the effect of it!
I´m not “Anti-Drugs” or “Anti-Drink”. People can do whatever they want, I don´t like “Needle-Drugs”, but if the people want to do that – it´s not for me to tell them that! It´s not to me to say “Don´t drink two Bottles J.D. a day!”

Iceman: “Ok, Paul – I have to say, I don´t understand why the people told us that you are so arrogant and always “pissed off”! It was nice talking to you!”

Paul Fenech: “First of all – your job feeds my job, so I´ll give the best I can, secondly – I feel comfortable because you are talking to me nicely! So, the way you talk to me, I´ll talk to you!”

Iceman: “Allright! So, Paul – is there anything left you want to tell our readers?”

Paul Fenech: “Yeah! Just make up your own mind! Come and see THE METEORS! If you like us, we are really happy, if you don´t – what the fuck can I do about that? And it got nothing to do with “hair”! Enjoy yourself!”