Headquarter News

A massive hello to all the WWWC around the world. Here’s a sitrep/update just to let you know were all thinking about you. As you can see if your watching our posts on Facebook, we are at full power as usual and gigs worldwide are blasting in. The much awaited (by us and you) Mexico tour is this month followed by some USA dates (posted) and the excellent family meeting at the Secret Place in Montpellier OTMAPP #3 In November.

In spring next year there will be the UK/ European tour. In between these posted dates more will pop up so keep checking in. Recording wise there’s the PPF Happy Halloween 5 imanant, the brand new Meteors studio album is well into production in time for the UK/European tour, also the PPF project ‘Motel Hell’ and the new The Legendary Raw Deal mini album. As usual we will be interacting as much as possible on Facebook and instagram etc. Can’t wait to see ya all on the road somewhere.