Mental Instrumentals

Cover:Mental Instrumentals
  • 1Welcome To The Wreckingpit
  • 2Night Of The Werewolf (Mit Extra Wolf)
  • 3Theme From The Hypnotist
  • 4Electro II (Get Fucked)
  • 5The Life And Times Of Chameleon Head
  • 6The Jupiter Stroll (Stomp Don't Stroll)
  • 7Darkman And I
  • 8Ex-Men Boogie
  • 9Simply Ravishing
  • 10Electro III (Die Human Die)
  • 11The Return Of Ethel Merman
  • 12And None Shall Live
  • 13Torture (Tiny's Tin)
  • 14Snake Eyes
  • 15Peter Gunn
  • 16Hell And Damnation (Meteors Won't Die)