Doing The Lords Work

Cover : Doing The Lords Work
  • 1My Psychobilly Syndrome (WWWC Bloody Pit Of Horror Mix)
  • 2It's A Long Way Down
  • 3My Life For Thee
  • 4She Screams Out My Name
  • 5The Man In The Cunt Skin Mask
  • 6The Last Temptation (Was You)
  • 7Paranoid
  • 8Strange Times (Are Coming)
  • 9The Shredder
  • 10Girl Meat Fever
  • 11Drag You Down To Hell
  • 12Ain't No Turning Back
  • 13Don't Blame Me
  • 14The Day The Earth Dripped Blood
  • 15Hell Must Be Empty (All The Demons Are Here)
  • 16Fuck Your World