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Mutant Rock Merchandise

mutant rock records logoNew official and exclusive merchandise from the forth coming album “The Power Of 3” by The Meteors on Mutant Rock Records

“The Power of 3” Exclusive Mutant Records Merchandise




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Pre-Sale Limited Edition Deluxe Box Starts Now!

the power of 3Pre-sale for The Meteors upcoming new album “The Power of 3” starts now!
Pre-order your official records and merchandise at www.outofvogue.de


“The Power of 3” will be released on Mutant Rock Records July 29th, 2016!

Box is limited to 250 copies only! Images similar! Sale in customary quantities only. To order click here.

“The Power Of 3” Limited Edition DeLuxe Box


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Official Statement

logo-oval-yendor71-meteors-site2Official Statement from P. Paul Fenech:

So fucking bored with people asking if they can make personal meteors things ….if it ain’t official, it’s fucking pirate full stop. Period punkt punto stop asking me .it’s perfectly clear don’t bother me with it ….no paintings, wallets, fucking belts, badges, mouse mats, or any other thing ……..the answer is Always No NO …….we got enough stuff and we are constantly producing fantastic official merchandise ideas ,other bullshit encourages pirates and 100 % gets on my TITS ……let me make fucking music and keep your hands off our business …..if we see it then we gonna take it… you’ve been warned!

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Studio Update – “The F Files”

el rancho loco rock 'n' roll studio

Four great drum tracks down with Tiago for “the F files” and finaly before he fux off for a while a great “Happy Halloween” version of “Graveyard Stomp” for the next Halloween single. Good laugh good music and a few weird memory’s.

Mazz popped in to the lab to give me and Tiago a free basstrack on the instro “Bad Universe”. Having a lot of fun recording “The F Files”. Monday my old mate and former colleague Lee Browns in to bass on a couple as well, sweet. Photo (c)opyright Fenech all rights reserved. Please use (c) if sharing thank you! 

Photo (C)opyright Fenech – All Rights Reserved

Photo (C)opyright Fenech – All Rights Reserved

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Limted Edition Box “The Power Of 3”

Power Of 3 PatchJust two of the goodies inside “The Power Of 3” limited edition vinyl box set along with others. “The Power Of 3” logo OTMAPP patch and these splendid bar towels for those who like the odd beer. OTMAPP pre sale news coming soon.

Beer towel

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P. Paul Fenech And Spinebender

el rancho loco rock 'n' roll studioIf you’ve been here you’ll know the camouflage.
if you ain’t then please enjoy the pic ????
photo (c)opyright Fenech all rights reserved.
please use (c) if sharing thank you.

P. Paul Fenech & Spinebender

Photo (C)opyright Fenech – All Rights Reserved


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Power Of 3 Limited Box

This exclusive “Power Of 3” patch will be also inside the limited vinyl box set as well as other great surprises. Really wanna thank Tobbe, Matze, Mazz and all our colleagues at Mutant Rock Records. We all try hard to bring you the extra stuff and special ideas which make all our releases a cut above the rest, and all of you that appreciate and support everything we do. It’s for the monsters we do it.

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Mutant Rock Family

mutant familyA small selection of Mutant Rock releases and merchandise. There is a small stock of the ultimate and strictly limited P. Paul Fenech’s “I, Monster” Fanatic Edition vinyl box sets left, get it before it’s sold out! For a complete catalogue or merchandise go to: CLICK HERE

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New Girlie Shirts

girly - the power of 3New girlie shirts are finally making their way to the Mutant Rock Records site! Of course this design will also be available in the usual sizes.

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