P. Paul Fenech 666 Official presents the 6th part of the legendary”Happy Halloween” series! This one comes with 4 tracks as one-sided, colored, 180g heavy 12″ Vinyl EP with silkscreen print on B-side. Including MP3 Download and Certification Card. Strictly limited to 500 copies. Pre-order now at OUT OF VOGUE. There is also an exclusive and limited “Glow In The Dark” version of the classic Mutant Rock Records Shirt available!
Out October 31st, 2019! Pre-order now!


Just a reminder that the original dickheads who took your orders for the Surfin’ Dead album ran off and left us in the lurch…

“it would have been so easy for us to let it go”

But we have taken it on our own backs to get them out in any way we can. And are doing so even though its slow we have got a lot out (post em if you have them) all who ordered will receive them we reclaimed all payment details (though obviously not the payments) from them and are doing all we can. We are a band not a record distributor.

We must also say they were not part of our record company and Mutant Rock Records has no connection with this matter.
Thanks to all for your patience
We are aiming and working hard (at our own cost at this point) to have them all out to everyone who pre-ordered by the end of 2019.


Due to maintenance and update on the website, and an error in the email system things were not working properly. Trying to fix this ASAP, working on it as we speak. Email is up and running, trying to answer all emails, but as there are allot it takes some time to answer. Gig list is updated with confirmed gigs.

Go Mental, and stay psycho. FTW